Athletes Application Form

The Peel Sport and Recreation Network (PSRN) is pleased to invite applications for the upcoming scholarship year for its regional talent development program known as the Peel Regional Academy of Sport or PRAS. This program will target specific athletes and provide them with support, in terms of creating training environments within the Peel region. Those athletes who receive a scholarship will receive support with services such as strength and conditioning, sports science and nutritional advice, as well as access to talent development and coaching support. This program will allow athletes who reside within the Peel region to spend more time training at a closer proximity to their home base. The core aspect of the program will be sport specific strength and conditioning sessions conducted on a weekly basis by industry professionals from our Peel base.

This PSRN project is supported by the Department of Sport and Recreation and the relevant State Sporting Associations. Each scholarship is for a period of 12 months. Scholarships will be reviewed annually with the results of athletes to be tracked and used in a renewal process the following year. Please fill in all the information below, applications close on the 28th of February 2021.

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Please note:

1.    By submitting this application form, the applicant and their guardian agrees to the terms and conditions outlined in the                  application process.

2.    All results will be verified with your State Sporting Association.

3.    Only athletes aged 13-21 years may apply.


The PRAS board will determine the number of athletes accepted based on their selection criteria. If you are successful you will then be sent the PRAS terms and conditions that must be adhered to at all times. If  you have any questions please contact Tracey van der Laan at