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Athlete Selection

The Peel Regional Academy of Sport (PRAS) is a part of the Regional Academy Support Program in association with the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. It is an academy based scholarship provided to targeted emerging athletes who are excelling in their chosen sport. It is supported by all State Sporting Associations and has the goal of producing Australian team representatives as well as Olympic athletes.

Benefits to the athletes:

  • All scholarship holders will be provided with a full year membership to the Basement gym located at the Peel Thunder Football Club as well as full training uniform including training shirts and a polo shirt.

  • All scholarship holders will get to work with the PRAS Strength and Conditioning (S & C) coach who will liaise with the relevant State Sporting Associations and coaches to plan and implement a specific S & C plan for each athlete.

  • Athletes will attend up to 3 weekly S & C sessions that will be conducted by the S & C coach. This program is designed to supplement your current training and athletes can come anywhere between 1 to 3 sessions per week. 

  • Athletes will receive one on one sport specific coaching. 

  • Athletes will receive an individual nutrition consult as well as follow up sessions and nutrition education sessions. 

  • athletes will receive psychological and wellbeing support. 

  • Athletes will have access to multiple professional development sessions on topics that include; 

    • Nutrition

    • Social Media Training

    • Sports Psychology

    • Strength and Conditioning

    • Former world class athletes talking about their journey

    • Academy camps and team building sessions

Athlete obligations:

  • Athletes must abide by the terms and conditions and the code of conduct as can be found in the athlete agreement.

  • Athletes must attend all information nights and professional development sessions. As your State Sporting Associations have nominated you for this scholarship and supported your application, we will be reporting back to them on your attendance and results. Consistent non-attendance will result in termination of your scholarship.

  • Athletes must attend the S&C sessions you indicate – If one session a week is all you can attend this is fine but you must come to that 1 session the same rule for 2 or 3 sessions per week.

  • Any enquiries, communication, questions please feel free to contact us.

Find out more about our athlete selection here.

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